Microbrew News: Edmund Fitzgerald Sails Into Goodfellows

Posted On: 01-27-2011

Edmund Fitzgerald the Beer, not the ship is a beautiful dark black porter. The more porters you enjoy, the more you will notice the thick creamy head, roasted bitterness is really the epitome of the style. And this brew is definitely one of the best. It’s about as traditional as porters come. But it makes the most of it’s simplicity.

In direct light, GLEF is actually a dark reddish-brown color, and you’re able to catch a little bit of the lighter, toffee-ish malt in the nose that probably causes this. But coffee, bittersweet chocolate, and even charcoal are pushing and shoving for attention here and the mouthfeel is truly perfect: medium-bodied, lightly carbonated, and smooth as a baby's...well you get the picture.

You'll immediately appreciate the sweetness right upfront that quickly moves on to a dark espresso, chocolate bitterness, but rarely burnt. It’s also touted as having a “bold hop presence”, but you will have trouble making out hops at all amidst the deep roastiness in your mouth. In any case, what you’ll find when drinking an Edmund Fitzgerald that you won’t with many other porters is you’ll be taking your last few sips and wondering where it all went. No need to panic, Goodfellows has you covered. Order another from our friendly bartenders and soon you'll be sailing the Great Lakes yourself.

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